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Total Battle: Tactical War Game

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    • By SirEnyalius
      SomeOne please create King Of Avalon script
    • By lothar85
      Name of Game: 新三國志手機版
      Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbgame.sgzapk.tw
      What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: resource cheat
      Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: yes. have tried the beginner method, the amount of resources always revert back to original

      Resource = Wood , Food , Metal, and Stone, which you can farm via the open world or from mines / farms (basically production nodes you build in your base) in your castle
      I totally understand the part where resources are held are server sided, that's why we can't change them. But i believe there is a loophole somewhere. There are people selling resources in BILLIONS on brand new server. 
      A possible loophole is that the farms and mines that produce these resources are generated client side, and when you collect them the data is then pushed to the server. However, the amount of resources your mines have are always hidden,
      therefore i have reasons to believe this COULD be a loophole. 

      If I'm wrong about the method, still, i hope the moderators and admins can help and guide me on how to hack the resources out for this game or whatever you are able to hack. I am willing to pay/donate as an appreciation for your time and effort to
      produce a working hack for this game. Thanks!
    • By Iskaba
      Name of Requested File: Clash of kings
      Link To Download:
      Is the game server-sided:
      Comments: Please how can I hack or is there any hack for Clash of Kings or Final fantasy xv: a new empire. Please I'd be grateful if there's.. Thanks
    • By Backlift
      This game is very fun and challenging for strategy lovers.
      It's turn based and the mechanism are simple enough, yet it has many features.
      It's a Beta game but I never faced a crash since the 3 month I'm playing it, it's Beta because it's not final game, many things are under development and the devs are active.
      With randomly generated maps, you won't get bored and a lot of different situations that may occur once in a while.
      You can make allies very simple and it does have 2 game modes. Domination and perfection.
      11 tribes as of now and growing, and each has their own geometry on lands, every tribe has unique jungles, animals, mountains, fruits, units etc...
      It's full of colors and it does have some secrets in it.
      It also supports "Pass and Play" or "Hotseat" mode to play with friends on 1 device.
      I have mention this too that this game supports BOTH portrait and landscape mode so it's perfect on any device size.
      (landscape is awesome in tablets, portrait is good for mobile phones)
      TRY IT>>>>>>>>>>
      Play link:
      Hack link:
    • By amkrr
      can anyone tell me any of the hacks that can be applied on bahubali the game please?
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