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Template Prompt, +9 more look at tags

NEW !! :

1 I've added a function or what ever you call it that's detect if the user got No Results ( Used For searches and prompt search)

2 i added multiple prompt search


Hi The Script Has 


Multi choise


alert with options

text copier

group search with different Types

search and edit 

multi prompt

if the user got no results (prompt search)

if the user got no results (normal search) 


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    • By Lover1500
      Prompt part of my script is
      turn = ({'Curent turn', 'Turn how many you want'}, nil, nil)
      if turn == nil then return end
      That's it.If the user clicks cancel or outsides, the script will return to main where the script starts.
      But when the user clicks the 'OK' box without putting any in prompt, I got error like in the second picture.
      How can solve that problem? I still dont know.
      I want it to return to starting script, not error.
      Help me please!

    • By Lover1500
      I'm a newbie.There are functions like gg.clearResults() for clear results.I dont know a function how to copy addresses in my results list.Is it gg.copyAddress() or something?
      Help me please.
    • By loversSlayer
      function a() local Avar = gg.prompt({'text1', 'text2', 'text3'}, {Avar[1],Avar[2],Avar[3]}, {'number','number','number'}) if Avar == nil then os.exit end Log: attempt to index ? (nil value) with key 1 global Avar

      if i change 2nd table as nil, then it works perfectly. But i wanna previous values every time using this function.
    • By DeSlimsteMan
      I would like to script an alert that shows target info such as the version name AND uid AND other info.
      And also enter my own 'text' all in the same alert. (Because targetinfo is not labeled)
      So far I can do this:
      about = gg.getTargetInfo() gg.alert(about.versionName) It works perfect, but how do I get more target info into the same alert, and how to enter my own 'text'?
      What I would like to do for example:
      ALERT Version - (versionName) UID - (uid)
      In one alert message...
      Sorry I just really hope this makes sense.
      Thank you for your help and please explain like telling a beginner hahaha😆
    • By NekoMage
      Hi I'm new in here, how to move/copy a file with lua script? Like this
      If using terminal
      cp file1.txt file2.txt
      mv file1.txt new-file1.txt
      How to copy like that? Are GG had a function like exec function?
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