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    • By Fallen_Stress
      I need to fix how to hide menu without closing script 
      20200510_115740.mp4 MAARS MC5 VIP.lua
    • By Fallen_Stress
      hi i saw people doing scripts that start by looking for all the value and then once we are in the script the activation of the hack becomes instant I would like to know how we do this kind of mod menu please
      Like in this vidéo 
      [added 0 minutes later]  
    • By Joshtj123
      Sooo I updated my software to emui 10.0.0 also Android 10 and now game guardian is not working in virtual space it keeps telling me I still need root but it says that it made for a lower android version can u guys fix this? 
    • By Sriramcharan
      I'm playing a web online game in loco app and i am able to find the desired score value ! after editing when i try to submit the score in leaderboard it won't get submitted in the leaderboard.
    • By nickbpp
      I want to find the perfect value for this game, what to do, what kind of kill, and please educate me.
      I tried many methods but couldn't.
      Please tell me. Thank you.
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