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PUBG New AUTOHOSTS | Virtual Hosts ***** Ping forwarder APP to prevent 10 minutes ban

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Everything was working fine until I started getting 10m bans then 1 day bans and so on,

It was irritating then i found out that PUBG new Anti cheat system is pinging to some random IP addresses and hosts time to time during match.

in every match i used to see new new hosts/IP. 

It was impossible for me to put every new ip to my host file , so i did little work and modded the APP Virtual Hosts by Falcon and made an apk that not only forwards host in the host file

but also forwards every new hosts that pubg is trying to ping (Forwards to localhost with Response : OK) 

This helped me  to avoid 10 minutes ban. I played 50 matches and i did not get a single ban.

I got one 10m ban in Crown Tier but that was my mistake because i used hacks in Lobby which we should avoid doing. 


Maybe you should also try my new modded apk and give me feedback.


Drive Link https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1TeamUyRVIATXSggO5G495Nn-Ky_cpEIl



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