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    • By tifa_AOZ
      Hello all,
      I tried to use GameGuardian for AOZ, and I could change the values of resources/gold in many attempts. However, when i try to use the increased values in the game, it says not enough resources!! It's like only the displayed values are being changed, and not the real ones. 
      Anyone had a similar experience? how to solve it?
    • By mcstroodles
      Does anyone know how to do anything with this I've tried all i can think of with what i know maybe anyone on here has any experience with this? I know there's people who exploit it.
    • By Smaxcolor
      Please creat scipt lua, for This game. New in play Store 

    • By Samex
      Hello guys
      I've been trying to record my game play by several screen recording apps. But I failed to record clear  audio. I searched for it in Google. Results said Google prohibit internal audio recording in Android. I realized that Google can't be believed
      I know my request will go through many brilliant brains.. please help me 
    • By athaleaid
      guys, if I play an online game (server sided game) and I change the value of an "A" task reward, will this allow the valuation to increase? like for example my money now is 2500 and I change the value of the reward to 999999999,does 2500 increase with the modified value?
      [added 0 minutes later] sry for my english
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