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(MOD MENU) FNaF World Redacted Trainer

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(MOD MENU) FNaF World Redacted Trainer

Fnaf World Redacted Lua script features:

Free High Armor

What's fnaf world redacted?


FNaF World Redacted was originally

called "Unofficial FNaF World Remake". As the name suggests, it's a recreation of FNaF World using the original source code that I decompiled myself. It's made to fix all the problems that went on with the original game, as the mistakes that happened during development caused technical problems. This is why Scott wasn't happy with the final outcome.

This version was originally meant to be donated to Scott Cawthon himself in hopes of bringing the game back, or simply as a kind gesture.

If you enjoyed this version, be sure to support Scott's original FNaF World on Steam or GameJolt! Redacted is solely based on the content after Update 2. There are no new characters or anything like that.

Yes there is an android apk on the GameJolt page which can be found in the

What's new? Tab

It runs as the same original fnaf world game that released for Android on January 12th 2017 (I think)

Side note

It also has v-sync which might help boost performance on low end devices  \^o^ /




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