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Help me cheat crisis action

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On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 10:44 AM, geribaldi said:



Gentlemen, please understand that we dont can teach everyone "how to cheat in one of million games" for free.


With our gameguardian app, you got the most powerful hacking application on the worlds android market completly for free. Thats not all. You never must pay for a update.


But our admin must rent a server/month, he must pay for a very good coder and he have 8 little hungry daughters, no joke!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


So please be fair and use the forum search or google. 


I know, search the Internet is not easy because of a lot of answers ;) but if you want a personal teaching from us, please use our VIP Section. I personally take  time for you to show you how to beat the crisisfire (this is the anticheattool inside this game) and give you a special gameguardian tutorial how to hack this great game with all the tips and tricks you need know.


Please send 10$ via paypal to d2dyno@outlook.com with your forumname+ "crisisguide"


and you will get the gg fullservice for crisis action (if you want a modded apk with blocked anticheat xtra for you)



thank you for your understand











Please give me tutorial how to become vip section..i will pay via paypall after i collect my fund...thanks best regards

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Gostaria que me ajudasse a hackear diamantes dentro do jogo DH5.

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