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Found 4 results

  1. hello there, i want to ask about lua script that loaded on gameguardian, is it possibe to add script code to detect the game name ( or package name, eg com.gameblabla) and also the game version too,, the purpose is to automatically close the script if the script was loaded on the wrong game or on the different version of the game ( like the older version). thankyou for the answer and the help :-)
  2. CheatTester

    LUA script edit multiple saved list

    how to edit multiple data on saved list at once, usually iam edit it one by one using r = gg.getListItems() r[1].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) r[2].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) r[3].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) and so on,,, and this is edit the data in sequence not at once in the same time how to edit the list number 1,2,3 at once in the same time? (what i want is, select data 1,2,3. edit all) thankyou
  3. how to cheat game in link ??? I tried but it easier band, so I ask guys how to cheat not band ??? please and thank you so much https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.entropy.dragonslayer_new_paid&hl=vi

    Prefix buttons (ON and OFF)

    Wasup everyone, RCPOLSKI here. In this topic you guys are about to learn how to create prefixes like [ON] and [OFF] Why to use this? Well, you can keep you script menu clean and still use it for others things like showing results got by prompt (numbers, words, etc...) There are 2 ways of doing it: Calling and refreshing the stuff right on the menu Creating a function that will be called after the cheat function being read So then, let's go! 1. First you need to store the ON and OFF info as string and then set the function "cstatus" as off on = '[ON]' off = '[OFF]' cstatus = off 2. Here we create our menu and set some things up... - Before every button, if you're going to put the prefix, you'll need to put the string var created up there (Here is cstatus) then 2 dots (..) and finally your text function main() menu = gg.choice({ cstatus .. ' Some random trick', -- cstatus + .. and 'the text' 'Exit'}, nil, 'Cheat menu') if menu == 1 then if cstatus == on then -- Checks if cstatus is [ON] cstatus = off -- If yes, then sets it to [OFF] else cstatus = on -- If it's not, then sets it to [ON] end doCheat() -- After doing the check things, regardless of outcome it call the doCheat function elseif menu == 2 then os.exit() end 3. As you are using vars with data stored in, you can also call 1 function only to enable and disable the cheat function doCheat() if cstatus == on then -- Check if the cstatus is [ON] print('Cheat enabled!') -- If yes, then add the activation code here else print('Cheat disabled!') -- If it's not, then add the desactivation code here end end There is a lua script to download with both first and second method Feel free to use the code! Sorry for my english, still learning tho Prefix Tutorial.lua