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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone came here to ask 2 questions. so i was starting to crack a game called loki craft: Grass block with a pink background but the thing is - i do not know what to crack. everything is like hidden the only thing i can do is search health will one value (health) find other values like reach, player walk speed, damage, water boolean and more? ik how to crack tool durability and also edit Xa ranges for possible wall phase = "Hide gg level 2 and 3 lets u edit that range" my other questions is that, i was making a pixel force script and got the offset = 4 which again. always in hex = 0x4 i got the number from searching health > goto the health address and +1 above is the value for extra hearts which im editing to 30 but i got a script error here you go like the increase hearts value is right above Script: --main script --Script tip: you can tell the hearts value without searching up! --Script tip: the player has 5 hearts which equals to: 10.0 --Game: Pixel Force function heal() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_JAVA_HEAP) gg.alert('You must be at full health') --what?? why would i be at full health when i need to heal? XDDD pls ignore this line of trash code gg.searchNumber("10.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.alert('Hurt yourself -1 (pistol guy)') gg.sleep(10000) gg.refineNumber("9.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(1) gg.editAll("10.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.toast('Script: Player Healed!') --i will recode all of this into an input end function inc() gg.setVisible(false) gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_JAVA_HEAP) gg.alert('You must have full health') gg.searchNumber("10.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.alert('Hurt yourself once (pistol enemy)') gg.refineNumber("9.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) z = gg.getResults(1) local x = {} x[1] = {} x[1].address = z[1].address + 0x4 x.flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT x[1].value = 30 gg.setVisible(true) gg.toast('Player hearts increased!') end menu = gg.choice({'Heal','Increase Hearts','Exit',nil,"main menu") if menu==1 then heal() end if menu==2 then inc() end if menu==nil then end --i do not know whats going on the player has 5 hearts when starting game which equals to = 10.0 and when u get hit its 9.0 and so on my error i got was: Script error: x[1].address = z[1].address + 0x4 attempt to index ? (a nil value) with key address (field 1) i do not know what did i do wrong here. can someone help?
  2. Okay so I want someone to explain to me how to make a script that doesnt close and repop ups when i click the gameguardian icon Please i've been struggling to do this
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