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Found 7 results

  1. So i having problem while i was scripting, i use multiple gg.alert and i runned the script. It runs like a no problem until i click, no alert showed up! gg.alert('Its a messgae, None of your business') gg.choice({'Changelog','Info','Hacks','Exit'}) if menu==1 then gg.alert('also not inportant to u') Im kinda new to scripting lua so sorry if this is a noob problem.
  2. I am having a little problem while using pointers.T VID-20190811-WA0002.mp4 he issue is that while using pointers search , the search results are in DWORD but my value is in FLOAT .I can change it manually just by clicking go to address and then changing the value format and loading it in the game guardian.But how do I do it using Script ?? I looked in gg help also , there is no such api for doing it. So can anyone help with it plz ?? I am attaching a little video just as an example.
  3. Okay so I want someone to explain to me how to make a script that doesnt close and repop ups when i click the gameguardian icon Please i've been struggling to do this
  4. gg.alert('Thanks for using Rofree! How can Rofree help you?') ::mainmenu:: gg.choice({'Changelog','Info','Hacks','Exit'},nil, 'Main Menu') if menu==1 then goto changelog end if menu==2 then goto info end if menu==3 then goto hacks end if menu==4 then os.exit() end ::changelog:: menu=gg.choice({'Back'},nil,'Rofree is launched') if menu==1 then goto mainmenu end ::info:: menu=gg.choice({'Back'},nil,'Rofree is a roblox hack menu using Game Guardian Rofree was made by Alfree101 or in roblox Alfree_101') if menu==1 then goto mainmenu end ::hacks:: menu=gg.choice({'Flood Escape 2','COMING SOON'}) if menu==1 then goto fe2 end if menu==2 then goto comingsoon end ::fe2:: menu=gg.choice({'Infinite Air'},nil, 'Flood Escape 2 Hacks') if menu==1 then gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('100',gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.alert('Edit all and freeze it then you`re done!') os.exit() end ::comingsoon:: menu=gg.choice({'Main Menu'},nil,'I SAID "COMING SOON"') if menu==1 then goto mainmenu end All of the option redirect me to changelog menu Parallel Space_2019-09-27-17-54-12.mp4
  5. @Enyby Can you plz tell me how do I Refine the pointer search results to my required value ? One pointer gives out all the values related to it , so how do I refine my value from it because all the values are same.
  6. I have attached a Script which was given by Enyby Sir as a template for getting results count.The problem with that is that whenever I run the script and I give the input it works fine but if you see in your game guardian results , you will see that it only edits the first value.But the script takes the amount of values to be edited which is being given to the script in gg.getResults. How to make it work , so that I can edit as many values as I want either by giving input or instead just passing the getResultsCount variable back to the getResults and edit all of them ?? If anyone can help plz... Prompt.lua
  7. I am trying to make a Function to get the address of a number and use it back again.But the problem is when I get the address it gives me in decimal instead of hex . And gg cannot use decimal numbers as address so I perform lua dec to hex on it.But , the problem is after performing lua dec to hex on it I get the hex value with two extra 0 at the end.And this changes everything and cannot be used.I have attached my code below can anyone plz help ???? gettingAddress.lua
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