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  1. On 1/7/2019 at 3:41 AM, Cochin0 said:

    I can't get GOB to open on guardian in the parallel space

    Did you use the optimized version of parallel space? Try using VirtualXposed that's been optimized. You can find them in the downloads section here on GG

  2. Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    ~Menu Options~

    • Chams Menu

    • Light AimLock 

    • Heavy Aimlock

    • Auto Headshot

    • Turn on Admin Panel

    • SpeedHack Menu

    • WallHack Menu


    ⚠️Notes ⚠️

    • All menu items work. If you have any issues with an option not loading then close the menu, re-select the process in GameGuardian, and choose the option again.

    • Heavy AutoLock gets buggy if your game sensitivity is above 40.

    • AimLock's and Auto HeadShot only need to be enabled once per game instance. Chams needs to be activated at the start of every game.

    • Use WallHack and SpeedHack at your own risk


    ~ Video of Menu in Action ~



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