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  1. Ball Pool 8 CUE CHANGER + Long Line

    This Cheat is for Ball Pool 8.
    With this cheat you have a function where you can choose every cue you want. You can use and play with all Cues the game has. You just have to know the cue Id (There is no list you have to try) and then the clue changes the next round. To get a succesfull change you have to select the "beginner" cue. The reason is that the value I need for this is only available when this cue is selected. (Dont give me a bad review if you dont understand it I can make a tutorial for you.) 
    The other function is Longer Line. It is basicly doing the aiming lines longer.
    There can be problems with using this in offline mode!
    Give me a good review if it works!


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