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  1. Great , that's why I don't answer anyone here anymore. Open expedition and see at bottom there's your reward and if u still don't get it. Use fuzzy search dword . Signing off ... This is my last msg on this post
  2. Now u got bored and deleted game . But I mean expedition , u need to edit rewards before playing, Search,edit , then go back to home then open expedition again ,if u saw your rewards edited then it's good ,but if not ,then u edited wrong value. After editing rewards play levels unlock rewards and get them . U have to do all this in one go cuz if your game restart then u have to start from beginning.
  3. Search the value of coins and diamond rewards combined
  4. After fuzzy search ,I tried hacking more And find that this is even easier no need of any fuzzy , just use group search on expedition [added 0 minutes later]
  5. Seems pretty easy Use fuzzy search
  6. At least listen to what @NoFearsir saying Don't act like child It takes less than 2 min to hack this
  7. As i said search in dword
  8. Can anyone provide new address for notebooks Old ones are not working
  9. +1 After refining they gone Maybe they updated
  10. What region u searched money and stuff
  11. U can pm here Yes it's edited automatically
  12. Pm me on telegram @Hars***786
  13. You are not not finding Or you are not able to find?
  14. Every thing is dword,float,qword Search refine hack No need for lua
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