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    Survivor.io Mega Script

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    6 hours ago, FireAEMT said:

    The Remove Ads script says it applies but when clicking on the rewards that require you to watch ads, it still plays the ads. Everything else works though.

    Hi, can you dm me on telegram so we can talk about the problem your having more clearly.

    Survivor.io Mega Script

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    On 2/11/2023 at 10:42 AM, Kekc said:

    Hi, whats the function of disable anti-cheat? cuz everything works great, but i get warning after i finish the chapter and it doesnt count.

    Both "Remove Trackers" and "Disable Anti-Cheat" will not completely disable the warning dialogue after playing chapter 3 and above, instead it reduces the chance of getting banned.


    Still finding a way to get around the warning though.

    Survivor.io Mega Script

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    5 hours ago, Jabzy said:

    I'm getting this error too on x64

    So, This Error Still Occurs On Version "0.22" Of My Script...?

    I Atleast Needed A Video Of How This Error Occurs For You.


    Does It Give An Error When Activating Features Of The Script, Or It Gives Error When You Execute/Run The Script?

    Survivor.io Mega Script

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    On 1/25/2023 at 8:25 PM, somedrynugs said:

    Im using nox, and F1 VM 

    Since your update, most features work but disable anti cheat give script error. On 32bit and 64bit

    Both version of apk 

    It's, a little confusing now so i tried "Disable Anti-Cheat" Feature On My Script With 32bit I See No Errors When Activating That Feature.


    Can You Send Me A Short Video Of Errors Popping Up When Enabling "Disable Anti-Cheat" Feature?


    So I Can Do A Quickfix.

    Survivor.io Mega Script

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    11 hours ago, hhhhqwertyuio said:

    How do I solve this problem

    My device is 64bit



    Hmm, that problem still occurs on 64bit devices...

    It Works Perfectly For Me On 32bit And I See No Errors.

    I'll try to solve the problem once and for all and, update the script.

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