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  1. 6 hours ago, AKidWithMidgetFriend said:

    I know for sure it can be done via apk modding because it was done on platinmods, but I also had no luck with this in GameGuardian. 

    If you decide to get a modded apk for it from there then look at the tutorial for installations that require an obb file. You have to go through your system files to Android/obb/com.whatever and rename com.whatever to com.whateverx or anything different then what it originally is before deleting the original app then after downloading the modded apk change the obb file name back and then install the modded apk

    If you decide to wait until a more knowledgable GG user can do it via GG then best of luck to them i hope they can help you!

    Thanks! So you've attempted gold editing WWH with GG too? Do you think the gold info is stored on the server online?

    What's platinmods? 

    Modded apks can't be linked to Google accounts right? 

  2. Can the gold of this app be edited? I've tried a rooted device, a rooted emulator and a virtual space without any success. Any help would be appreciated! 

    App link:


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