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  1. 2 hours ago, MarioRossi93i said:

    I tried to write a simple script to automate this cheat and i found a way, but first time that you activate auto drive you have to do it manually. Becouse i dont suceed to find a referer value in memory... i am new bie

    Run the cheat like @Fuzzifier video shows. But, before you back to the game, select the first 1010101h valuein the results, then tap it and select, goto address, and copy the value 2 rows below your position.

    Now edit variable "s" in the script with copied value and save the script.

    Now you shoud can activate auto drive by running the script before green lights, in every race until you close the game.


    Thanks to @Fuzzifier


    Here is video tutorial:

    autopilot.lua 391 B · 2 downloads

    u must do while loop 😃

    but if u want to activate it on the lobby you must need to find the address of lobby and Ingame indicator

    ex: address: 0(lobby) and 1(ingame)

    and add on your script so u won't need to run manually your script every game


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