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  1. if gg.version<77.0 then gg.alert("You're GameGuardian version doesn't support this value") start() end
  2. T = load(gg.makeRequest('https://pastebin.com/raw/W8wt00T8').content) pcall(T) print(Thank you for using my script\n\nTelegram : @fathoni267\nENCODED BY FS267🛡) os.exit()
  3. already fixed i forgot to add "freeze = true" code
  4. it's cannot change the value function FULL() gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber(';׎"Ͽ', gg.TYPE_WORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) gg.refineAddress("DAC") gg.getResults(1) resultsCount = gg.getResultCount() results = gg.getResults(resultsCount) for x = 1, resultsCount do gg.addListItems({ [1] = { address = results[x].address + -48, flags = 4, value = 7;0;0;0 } }) end gg.toast("Visibility ON") gg.clearList() gg.clearResults() end
  5. thank you so much, sir. my script is done
  6. can u make an example how to use that prompt
  7. Can u fix this script? local Z = gg.prompt({"DRONE VIEW :[0;10]","Back","EXIT"}, nil,{"number","checkbox","checkbox"}) if Z == nil then else if Z[1] == true then Tablet() end if Z[2] == true then Off() end if Z[3] == true then X8() end if Z[4] == true then OffX8() end if Z[5] == true then X10() end if Z[6] == true then OffX10() end if Z[7] == true then lv1() end if Z[8] == true then lv1n() end if Z[9] == true then lv2() end if Z[10] == true then lv2n() end if Z[11] == true then start() end if Z[12] == true then d() end end end
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