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Laurum Online

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Most of things are server side in this game i know but must be some which is not server sided. Can you guys take a look please?

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      I need help in finding card values and the cool down time values. The entire game is money grab and too unbalanced. These cards are very useful in the game, I just need help in finding those values and upcoming characters card values. Below file consists card values of old characters. Please help.
      script nxb.lua
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      Is it possible to make changes to this game "drag racing streets"?  .... Changing values of money, dollars ? ... Please make this possible as this game is very popular amongst the car game racing community...
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      i started playing this rpg-book-game, everything normal until they put you in a ultra hard fight where you 98% will die, so, you pay or you lose your character, i tried modifying money, stats, i even tried using other apk ( lp ) and it worked, 10 minutes later they knew what i did and blocked my account, the game is this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bookgame.library.bookgamelibrary 
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      Game name = Puzzle Combat
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      Please help, I can't hack RPG games, like XP, money, etc. I've tried to find the value of money, then I subtracted the money, then I looked for the value again, but when the second search didn't appear at all, please help.
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