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I cant find mortal Kombat mobile

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I can't find mortal kombat mobile on game guardian i have a 64 bit phone

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    • By jokerthelord
      Just want to knows if it's still possible go hack with game guardian after latest ,if nothing just for souls , and will also appreciate if anyone can go over the finer details of how to do so 
    • By kkbs4u
      Dear sir i record  a script  with game Guardian, script was recorded successfully but in at last moment no values changed in script
      These are a values want to change in script 
      revert = gg.getListItems()
      local t = gg.getListItems()
      for i, v in ipairs(t) do
          if v.flags == gg.TYPE_DWORD then
              v.value = "161767;161767;0;0;161770;161770;161768;161768;0;0;161771;161771;161769;161769;0;0;161772;161772;161401;161401;0;0;161773;161773;161402;161402;0;0;161774;161774;161811;161811;0;0;161775;161775;161840;161840;0;0;161776;161776"
              v.freeze = false
              v.freezeType = gg.FREEZE_NORMAL
      t = nil

    • By Dhawk47
      Help how can i hack mortal kombat mobile 2.5.0 for souls and koins?
    • By Lifedefective
      How to unlock Relic hunt using game guardain in mk mobile some one please help me.
    • By Lifedefective
      How to hack mk mobile battle mode Towers by starting all over using game guardain. How to play the same match over and over using game guardain. 
      Because I have already completed all towers, so I want to start all over using game guardain to get unlimited rewards.

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