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can I hack jawaker game

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hello, I need to know if anybody can help to cheat or hack jawaker game on andriod without root??? 

thanks in advance 


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      Hello Dear Good Friends,
      I'm Sorry to ask this request i had no clue anymore how to Break this game system.
      Atleast read this request till the end and i hope u understand my request. 
      Game Name :Domino Qiu-Qiu By Topfun 
      Genre : Card Game,Table Game,Gambling simulation,Multiplayers,Slot,Ceme,Sicbo,etc.
      About The game..
      This game is an serversided game such a any multiplayers online game. There is in-game shop where u can buy Chips (Game Money) it's fun and Addicted game mostly when u play on Higher Lvl with Billions,trillions of Chips. Also there is an outsider Seller that selling chip (Game money) more cheaper 50%  than ingame shop, as far as i know there is 5 Sellers abf they Claiming as Agen from the Game it self, they can Creating a private Room where this feature has removed few years ago.. but in here i don't ask you guys to make a modded apk or anything big, but i just Ask if there is someone outhere has skilled to Make an a Script for this Game where its can see Unturned Cards so user can see the Cards before its opening (Like prediction but with Script lol)
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      thx Before i hope u can help me with this game thank you.
      Screens Shot : 

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