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Rucoy Online

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    • By DsaFes
    • By Atrashguy
      I need hack this game but he crash when i try hack if you can hack the wild darkness please help me. Thanks so much
    • By JesusChrist17
      Hey there! I've tried to hack this game with GameGuardian. But It seems no matter how hard I try I can't find the value. So Please Anyone help me out with this! Please! Please!
      Name : Ace Fighter : Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes
      Playstore Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ParsisGames.AirCombatEn
      Game Mode : Offline/Online
      *It isn't server sided game and can be played totally offline*
    • By rezzyyy
      I will love you forever if you help me cheat on this one lol. 
      Game is not server side as far as I can tell. 
      (No- root) 
      Speed hacks work but then game asks to be restart. And rolls back.
      Values roll back regardless of freeze 
      Have done hide gg from game as well as prevent revert. 
      Tried everything I could think of . Just dont work
      Sandship - crafting factory 
    • By athaleaid
      guys, if I play an online game (server sided game) and I change the value of an "A" task reward, will this allow the valuation to increase? like for example my money now is 2500 and I change the value of the reward to 999999999,does 2500 increase with the modified value?
      [added 0 minutes later] sry for my english
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