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How To Updating Offset Via GameGuardian

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Hallo, This Is My First Post In This Forum. And my english is not really good but i wish you can understand what i mean.😂

In my first post i will make a simple tutorial 'How To Updating Offset Via GameGuardian'. I dont know if somebody found this trick before me. Lol

Oke, This Is The Tutorial :

1. First look for the value that we will update the offset

2. Second go to local memory and select the format value to ARM (x32) opcodes then you can record some x32 values that are around your value

3. Copy the hex offset that you want to update the offset and make sure you don't copy just 1 value (I recommend 2/3)

4. Then update the version of your game and look for the hex value you just copied and then you just go to local memory again.

5. Then equate the value around the hex that you are looking for with the previous version

6. Then all you have to do is find the offset and that way you will easily update your offset


If you still dont undersand what i mean you can contact me via telegram @MrPictYT. Oke bye²😎

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On 10/26/2019 at 9:28 AM, MrPictYT said:

contact me via telegram @MrPictYT

My Telegram Account has Change To


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