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Decryption Steal SearchNumber Values

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Hi guys I Just Made A Script !!


For example:

gg.searchNumber('5646868', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) <-- encrypted Script 


And For Print:

gg.searchNumber('5646868', 16) <-- Print Value From Encrypted Script


It Almost Done I just need A Anti-Exit For It And It Will Released SOON!!!


If You Help Me Make Anti-Exit Then send it on comment Section Below


And Help Me To Ignore function"return" 

Thank You

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    • By Dark-Yox
      I just wonder if it's possible to know the algorithm used for encryption/decryption if we know the real value of some encrypted numbers like in my case I know that 
      1.545.691.265 = 0 Coins
      1.545.691.300 = 37 Coins
      1.545.691.494 = 487 Coins
    • By frenchiveruti
      Hello, I've had some luck with this game that while being offline I could give myself a lot of coins thanks to the cooking levels, I would just edit the earned money in a level from like 250, get paid, 260, and then that 260 addresses edit it to like 9000 and at the end of that level I would get 9000 coins.
      My problem became real when I tried to edit the rubies of the game, when I found the address being offline, and changed the value, seems like the game prevented any edits of the values by making the rubies amount 0, which is awful because now I don't have any rubies and acquiring them is really difficult.
      So, did anyone have any luck with the rubies of this game?
      I'm using game guardian 82 on a rooted device.
    • By YoloBro666
      Hello everyone! I searched on google, youtube, this forum. The results I got were NOT very promising. All I found was unluac, something about ss tool?, hooking script, loader script, source dumper, encrypter.. I am so sad about the fact there is not a single thread about introduction to decryption so I thought I *NEEDED* to make this thread so others can learn too.
      First of all I have some questions:
      1)How to determine the type of encryption used?
      2)How to decrypt HEX, XOR encryption?
      3)How to FULLY DECRYPT a script?
      I'd be thankful if someone writes introduction on decryption of scripts, some people like @TopGEOYT can magically decrypt scripts. New people like me must be given some idea. @Enyby @NoFear @Backlift @Anonymous1000 @bukandewa [Don't bother replying if you are not gonna help]
      This would also be very helpful to other new members, so a kind guy please help.
      I MUST REMIND: I am NOT a copy-paster. I haven't released a single script in my entire life. All I do is modify some scripts a little bit in order to make them work better or make them work anyway I want. I DO NOT have any bad intentions, so help would be much appreciated.
      Thank you so much, have a nice day.
    • By riesixy
      hello guys I need your help... I'm newbie of these thing. so can you help me to decrypt this script please.. som1 pls halp!
    • By Yang103
      Please help me, thank you.

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