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How to GG Zombieland Double Tapper

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Just been messing around with Zombieland the past couple of hours.. Took me a while to figure out that although you cannot change the currency, you can change the level of your gear.. 


Find the weapon you wish to upgrade (drastically), search 1 in DWORD, upgrade it, search 2 DWORD, upgrade.. As many times as you need to until you find the correct address. Now change that number to 1 million if you like and enjoy the supremely overpowered weapons you own. 


This also works for character levels. Search 1,upgrade etc and change your char to lv 100,1000 whatever you like and this will increase your tapping power too. 


Next up, the silly exp reward system event... You have to physically do the event to find it, but it works the same as weapons and characters, search 0 DWORD, complete a section, search the new exp number, continue until you find the address and change it to 100. I found out the system it works by and was able to change all 4 event exp to 100 and reap the rewards without doing Jack. 


Next up is trinkets and rules, this are able to be changed but do not make it ridiculously high or you will not be able to play the game anymore, it'll lock you out of starting missions.. 


Also a little side note, you can upgrade your trinkets to a stupid amount and then scrap it for a stupid amount so you'll essentially have limitless scraps. 


This is all I've found and basically all you'll need to sit back and let the game win itself. 




Always trust the devil you know - Lucifer 

Screenshot_20191008-221554_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

Screenshot_20191008-221529_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

Screenshot_20191008-221519_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

Screenshot_20191008-221514_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

Screenshot_20191008-221609_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

Screenshot_20191008-221559_Parallel Space 64Bit Support.jpg

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Thanks for this. Did you also edit the shards, tokens, twinkies?

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