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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) Android

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) on Android

Using GameGuardian I managed to change and freeze some of the following items.

Skill points: Searching in WORD for the number of points you have, use 1 point, search the new number, continue until there are between 1 to 5 results and adjust a single number at a time until you’ve found the one that works.

Health and Force: Search for either your health or force points using DWORD, use a force skill (or get injured) and search the new result until there are between 1 to 3 results. The last one should be the one you need to change. This works well to freeze the amount on its current maximum so you do not run out of force and can keep spamming moves and also become invulnerable. Note: You cannot change the maximum health you have. If your health is on 100/100, you cannot change it to 999/999 (that I know of).

Computer spikes & Repair Parts: This one was tricky… Get yourself about 3-5 computer spikes or repair parts, find a computer module and search how many computer spikes you have (or find a damaged droid and search the repair parts you have), use 1, search new result, repeat process until you find the value you’re able to change. By the time I finished the game, I had over 1400 of both.

^ Note: This also works for med kits, explosives or any item that you can do a back and forth “search and use” search for. (Don’t get too greedy though)

EXPERIENCE!: Want to get from level 1 to level 20 as soon as you start the game? EASY! Kill something to get your initial exp (example: 50), search that amount, kill something else, search the amount until you have 1 to 3 results left. If you have found the correct result, change the amount to 220,000 (level 20) and enjoy having all your moves right off the bat! 😛

^ ***WARNING*** Changing the EXP at the beginning of the game so that you are level 20 may result in having no force abilities throughout the game, as you do not unlock them at the beginning of the game like you do in KOTOR 2. I highly suggest using HP freeze (or no cheats) until you have progressed up until you unlock force abilities.

Save your game before changing ANYTHING, if you change the wrong one the game will inevitably crash and you will be back where you last saved/auto saved. Save before you try, save after it is successful. 


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I use a modded APK that I found on a trusted modding Website, Android-1. It's free and you get unlimited credits (9999 per kill pickup) 




Playstore version costs $14.99 and you have to manually change the credits yourself which is easy enough. It's an epic game so I'm sharing the play store link for those who would rather pay for a legit version. 



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