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Template Prompt, +9 more look at tags

NEW !! :

1 I've added a function or what ever you call it that's detect if the user got No Results ( Used For searches and prompt search)

2 i added multiple prompt search


Hi The Script Has 


Multi choise


alert with options

text copier

group search with different Types

search and edit 

multi prompt

if the user got no results (prompt search)

if the user got no results (normal search) 


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      2020_08_17_02_35_45_compress.mp4 @Enyby  Hi sir!
      I'm facing the problem to use pointer search in writing script.As in video, I search -1,358,776,912 in Xa(code system) which will end by 548 in addresses.And I will get the only one address.I copy its address and paste in search box.
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      (I think if the pointer and offset work perfectly as video we can use gg like cheat engine which can point the one by offsets)
      I like New features and updates of gg

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