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Need help with city island 5 exp

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EDIT: posted this on help but realized it was the wrong topic so here i am.

Hello guys, first off wanted to say hi since its my first post here, just created the account but have been reading you guys for a long time.

Im trying to work on city island 5, its an offline game so no server issues,

so far : speed hack working fine, lucky patcher working fine, currencies were edited also, now im trying to work on the experience, what I am doing is group search for a specific building to find and change the exp it gives, in this case original building gives 600 exp, 

I find value without problem, but when i try to edit the value some other characteristic (in purple) appears on building, subtracting the change i made.

for the picture i changed 600 to 650 and the (+-50) appeared in purple. 

Can somebody give me a little clue or help me with this ? maybe there is another variable im overlooking.


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