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How to hack Taptap Heroes

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Screenshot_20190715-095510_TaptapHeroes.jpgHello. Maybe someone tried to hack Taptso Heroes? I tried to change the values of dust, I clicked the value through Auto (encryption mode) I clicked in Double, I tried to change it, but the values returned to the original one. Maybe there is a weak spot in the game? Rewind time does not work, as the game is online (crashes) and it is fully synchronized. Any ideas?

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    • By pandemia
      I only hacked the speed of the game and the round. But since I am not strong in gg, it is difficult for me to find something really worthwhile! Heads of this forum are great please let's try together at least something to hack
      Here's a video on cracking game speed and rounds
    • By pablitosaraiva
      Hello friends. I'm trying to cheat Taptap Heroes. I can perfectly change the speed of the game and the game data, however the game does not recognize and make mistake at the time of purchase. I will try to post a video, if I can not put some prints. I thank everyone.  
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