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    • By Un_Known
      While Telegram has become most popular platform for hacking modding related stuff but still wonder why there is not a well organised group related to GG where anybody could share their problems ask for some king of suggestions.
      But also at same time I think it should also not affects game guardian official site because i know that memebers would share apk, lua files directly in  it instead of uploading to gg site so to counter that no files should be allowed and no external links.
      Only link to GG official site should be allowed
      But it would be more oriented towards problems and their solutions 
      As it would led to more constructive talks on various issues without any restriction but only possible if pro and elite members along with contributors to gg community agree
      share your views on this topic  only then any further action could be taken.
      if u don't support this idea. i have no hesitation in withdrawing it
    • By RogerAngell2018
      Great job with your new feature `record script` devs. It would be awesome if you guys make it to recognize offset. It is great feature to auto because sometimes the value we need to chage is not a constant but nearby values is. @Enyby@d2dyno
    • By CmP
      GameGuardian's API already has big amount of useful functions that can be used in scripts. I want to offer a new function/method to extend GG scripts possibilities.
      It is not uncommon situation when user needs to perform an action with a few elements from the list (search results / saved list / memory editor). In this case, user selects desired elements and performs desired actions afterwards, doing all of these manually. This is usually fine, but sometimes user may need to perform some non-standard operations which involve elements selection (saving desired elements in specific format; performing some operations on selected elements; analyzing "behaviour" of desired elements keeping other ones in the list, etc). This is where automation with the use of scripts will come in handy.
      First step for making this possible may be adding of the function(s) to get selected elements from search results, saved list, memory editor.
      Possible prototype for such function may be:
      mixed getSelectedElements ( int source ) where parameter "source" can be one of the following constants: GG_SEARCH _RESULTS; GG_SAVED_LIST; GG_MEMORY_EDITOR;
      and returned value will be a table with selected elements or string with error (if one can occur).
      Another option is 3 functions, each of which will be intended for getting selected elements from corresponding sources. This approach may help to avoid complexity with fields of a table that will be returned (fields will probably vary depending on the source).
      Here are possible prototypes:
      mixed getSelectedResults() -- for search results mixed getSelectedListItems() -- for saved list mixed getSelectedElements() -- for memory viewer/editor Any of these options can provide the possibility to get selected elements from a script.
      Choose elements to perform actions with, trigger required operations and that's it, other elements won't be "touched", they will remain in the list (if it's search results or saved list, because memory viewer is not a customizable list).
      P. S. Some "trigger of action" when GG interface is active may be needed for comfortable work with this function(s). I think that some solution can be found, hence this should not be a big problem.
    • By HVC
      Sometimes i need find some value in the memory editor tab but  there is an infinity of values in the list!
      So my suggestion is put a search function in the memory editor tab in case of someone like me needs to find a determined value in this list. Would be a big help to me!
      Thanks !!! 
    • By Erito
      For GameGuardian updates, it is hard to keep settings when I update GG.
      Hopefully, GG can store it's settings in user storage instead of in \data\data. 
      Or it can also recognize past GG settings and profiles and restore them to the new random-generated-app-named GG. 
      Hopefully, this can be added very soon. It will be very useful when updating or reinstalling GG. Thanks. 
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