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Can help with simcity buildit

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Can make unlimited stock, any items and war items, boosters ;)


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    • By cchastiecid
      Hi everyone, i need help to hack game Random Dice : PvP Defence.
      I use Magisk Manager : root; magisk hide and GameGuardian and i try hack the game.
      If i try change any value or use speedhack, game close, or my device reboot permanently. 
      I think it's ptrace..
      Video and screenshot add 🔥
      And sorry for bad English, guys, with love ❤

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      I want to know what gg.setValues() do in a script.I viewed the help but I didn't understand anything
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      I am not understanding why freeze is not working in the code listed below.Any help is appreciated
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      How to work with Video Region, and what i need to find, to make a wallhack or other things?
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