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  1. He literally told you where to get the script, why are you asking again? https://badcase.org/
  2. Perhaps change the attributes of the grey items to that of the purple items or even better
  3. Do you mean Tier 3? I'm guessing you did this with the speedhack set to negative time.
  4. Did you use the Unlock unlimited purchases feature or no?
  5. The payment is PayPal only I believe. [added 2 minutes later] I think you might even need different payment methods, I tried this with a different account and store location but same PayPal and it charged me.
  6. https://badcase.org/downloads/mario-kart-tour/ The script does the work by itself you just need to sign in and tell it what to do.
  7. The script is up and working.
  8. Ok lol then why mention that you have a method? You're just baiting people to DM you asking for the method anyway... just dont mention it
  9. We don't know for sure at the moment, pretty much everything can be hacked but its not clear what triggers bans.
  10. Yes if you have negative coins you obviously did something wrong. Editing coins also isnt safe, you will probably get banned when the next tour starts.
  11. Keep in mind that there is a soft cap for the level every tour, I wouldn't recommend going over that because even if Nintendo does not track experience gained over time they will probably ban anyone who goes over the soft cap. I believe it is around Level 81 or something for this Halloween tour.
  12. you would only be playing against other people who use the modded apk, not normal players
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