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  1. Your device might be the problem have you tried the script on another device/emulator? Also huawei devices have a history of errors with GG
    Works Thank you very much you never dissapoint 5 star for you
  2. PLEASE DONT SEND ME TO HELP/API IVE CHECKED BUT CANT FIND ANYTHING TO HELP is there a different function to group search prompt values eg input of 5 values and i want to group search them thought this could work but it doesn't gg.searchNumber('val[1];val[2];val[3];val[4];val[5]:20', gg.TYPE_DWORD,false) but apparently this works so i dont think its anything to do with the prompt gg.searchNumber(val[1]+val[2]+val[3]+val[4]+val[5] , gg.TYPE_DWORD,false) any lead to the right direction will be appreciated THANKS IN ADVANCE
  3. rastah

    help with scripting

    i'm new to all this script stuff so any help will be greatly appreciated i wanna know the function for refining a search value e.g i want to search an encrypted value 5 gg.searchNumber('5', gg.TYPE_DWORD, true) once i get all results i alter the value(in game) to 10 is there a function that will refine my earlier search of values from 5 to 10 ? if there is plz feel free to share thanks in advance : ) edit: i missed this vital statement If no results in results list then perform new search else refine search thanks enyby
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