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  1. @BadCase uh, what just happened??
  2. Yes, well we can't have everything.. changing vehicle speed is easy enough.. not much hassle to do every play.. ?
  3. To hack vehicle speed: 1. Exact search Double the road speed. Like for example 70 for KRAZ.. you might get about 500 results 2. Edit ALL results with increments of 10.. 3. Go back to game and check the new road speed. For example 450.. 4. Go back to GG, locate the value of 450 and revert other values back to original.. 5. Edit 450 to desired amount.. Me i like it at 2000.. Editing road speed will also change the off road and water speed proportionally. Hope this helps.
  4. Exact search in Double..
  5. New method to edit item quantity by sendul: 1. Must have two units of any item. 2. Search 0.08 in Double. 3. Pick up or drop 1 unit of item. 4. Refine search for 0.06 in Double. 5. Edit result to desired amount.
  6. Nice! Just simple request: hope you can make the removed items (the old helicopter, the old tank, etc) still obtainable so we can disassemble them to get the replacement items? ?
  7. Any idea when will @BadCase release the script publicly? I wanna try it so bad.. ?
  8. Above method works too.. i suggest dropping 2 units of the item on the ground before searching for double 0.08.
  9. Ok im going to try it.. seems like its a long process compared to the previous methods.. thanks!
  10. Is it still possible to modify item quantity in v.1.620? I tried using double but the second search yields zero results!! ???
  11. sorry to hear that, but like i said, multiple times, use up your jade until it is below 1000, or as close to the original amount as possible.. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later
  12. to hack jade: VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT ATTEMPT WHILE ONLINE!!!! 1. select a rescue the monk stage, where you need to destroy buildings. you can try the very first rescue. 2. during gameplay, search for the amount of coins dropped by enemy using auto and encrypted. pause the game every time coins drop and the earned coins show at the top left of the screen. 3. for example, the first enemy drop 100 coins, auto search encypted 100. when next enemy drop coins, search for the new value. 4. repeat filter search until you have only 7 results. the value you want is a Q value, something with many digits, like 9,374,947,556,175. 5. change the number in the 10's or 100's place, in the example above, you can change the 1 or 7 in 175. make the 7 into 9 or the 1 into 4 or 5. 6. finish the stage. be sure to finish editing the value before you destroy the buildings. 7. DO NOT edit or change the value too high or your jade amount will become negative. once the stage is complete and returns to the map, check your jade amount. the goal is after you use the jade to buy and upgrade, the remaining amount must not be over 1,000, because the server will auto ban accounts with over 1,000 who did not buy from the store. make sure your jade is not too much, if the jade is over 20,000 you will find it hard to spend the jade below 1,000 and the next time you go online, the server will ban you. i suggest trying this on a fresh game before using it on your account. hope this helps. i can post screenshots if requested.
  13. ok, looks like jade can be modified.. but server may ban you if your jade count looks suspicious. the devs can ban not just your account, but also your device so that you won't be able to play after connecting online with any google or facebook account.. ? after modding the jade, use it up until the amount is close the original amount.
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