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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm not sure who still looks at this topic, as it is quite old; I have perused here more than a few times over the years whenever I've revisited Tiny Monsters and attempted to solve the fabled diamond hack conundrum. Well, the other day, I did. It's not easy. There is quite a laundry list of tasks to complete before you can attempt it, but once you're there, you only need hack your diamonds once. Once, and you've got as many diamonds as you want (I chose billions. A few million would certainly do ). So, what do you need? A fairly recent version of Game Guardian - You'll be using fuzzy searches and time-jumps to get this done. A Special Elder Habitat - This habitat costs 5,000,000 coins and unlocks at level 12. Neither of these need to be legit; keep reading. The Special Elder Monster - This is the hard one. Even with unlimited gold, complete control over all of the game's wait time mechanics, and a fairly okay-ish way to hack experience levels (more on this later), I was level 67 and had cleared the "Elder Tree" from my island (at a cost of 275 diamonds; make sure to save those suckers until you've hacked em) before I bred this bad boy with the Cinder and Tundra monsters. The whole hack hinges on this monster, so we can't skip this step. But don't fret; getting to level 62--the level at which you can remove the Elder Tree--just got a whole lot easier! Keep reading. Okay, the steps: Familiarize yourself with this coin hack. We'll be spending a boatload of coins over this journey--I'm talking hundreds of millions to get to level 62. I personally just set my balance to 5 billion or so, but some users have reported problems with that, so you may prefer to stick to millions. Do note you'll have to repeat this hack a few times in between now and diamond-town if you chose this. Now, familiarize yourself with this time hack. We'll be using it a lot, for a few different things. Quick tip about this one: don't revert and remove any incorrect values you accidentally change (those pesky guys that switch to '127', etc.). They'll be okay if you leave em, but the act of reverting them seems to crash the game. Okay, the first new hack (sorry it comes so late in this post!): EXPERIENCE. This isn't the prettiest hack out there, but it gets the job done. Go ahead and open MARKET. Navigate to HABITATS and scroll on over to the Small Air Habitat (level 18; if you're not there yet, use the next priciest habitat). This habitat is special in that it returns a ton of experience when you build or upgrade it (this being why we opt for small and not large), even more than the Shadow / Light habitats. Plus, once you level up a bit more, it unlocks another "Ultra" upgrade tier (no, I don't know what level), which makes this faster. Go ahead and buy as many of these guys as you can fit on your island(s). The more you buy, the faster this will go. You should now have a bunch of unsightly progress meters dirtying up your island. We know what to do about those, don't we? Use the above time hack to find the "time" values for each of these islands, and finish all of their waiting periods. Tap on each finished Air Habitat and reap a ridiculous amount of XP. Expect to level up 3-6 levels with each yield if you're just starting out. If possible, upgrade the Air Habitats and modify the same time values to finish them early again. The upgrades yield substantially more XP than the initial builds, so don't skip this step. Once you can't upgrade the habitats with coins anymore (don't bother with the diamond upgrade), go ahead and sell all of your new habitats. Repeat steps 1-5 until you're at level 62. You may want to go further than 62 to collect those sweet, sweet level-up diamonds as to take down the Elder Tree. Please note that you'll have to search for new time values every time you sell and repurchase the habitats. DON'T modify the values once you've sound their respective habitats; the game WILL crash. Okay. Now the hard step: Buy a Special Elder Habitat if you haven't already and breed the Special Elder Monster. There's plenty of documentation about this guy out there, so I won't explain it much. Good luck, and be patient. Done? Congrats! You're very close to unlimited diamonds. Go ahead and hatch your monster. Don't worry about feeding him quite yet: He's a hungry motherfarker and his productivity doesn't matter to us at this point. Now, we'll be using the above "coin hack" on our Special Elder Habitat, which yields diamonds instead of coins. The issue is, a level 1 Special Elder Monster generates... One diamond per week. Do we wait a week for the habitat diamond count to change with each search? Of course not. We use Game Guardian's Time Jump function. But hear me out: We have to be surgical about this. We can't just use the time acceleration feature: running Tiny Monsters at 3,600x speed (the only speed that won't have an agonizing wait time in-between searches) renders your game session invalid and necessitates a complete game restart before anything actually saves. Instead, go ahead and activate your TIME JUMP PANEL from Game Guardian's settings and set it to jump forward one (1) day, which should look like "1:0:0:0". In my experimentation, I found that any time length higher than a day would disconnect me from Tiny Monsters' servers. This means that it will take 7 taps to move the game forward 1 week and change the diamond value of your habitat. Make sure to tap the time jump button SLOWLY; spamming it will just disconnect you. You should know what to do from here. Start with a 4-byte / DWORD search for '0', jump forward a week, search for '1'... Rinse and repeat until you've found the Special Elder Habitat's diamond value. Do note that the base habitat can only store a max of 6 diamonds, so you may have to collect your diamond heap before you find the right value. Don't use Game Guardian's FILL feature to speed things up. The game will crash. Bingpot! We've successfully set ourselves up to hack our diamonds! Go ahead and freeze this value at 1 million or so and tap away (again, be cautious of that billion+ mark). Make sure to unfreeze this value and collect your last hacked diamond yield before you close the game, just to be safe. Now, be free. Upgrade all your farms. Purchase every egg. Look at Phineas in his smug, stupid face as you buy your way past every waiting period and ignore that "Purchase some diamonds and get some food!" quest. The world is your oyster. Sorry for the long post. I wanted to make this as understandable as possible so it spreads around. Please feel free to leave any feedback for my tutorial-writing you think of so that I can make these clearer in the future. If someone makes a YouTube video of this, credit would be appreciated :). Happy diamond spending, everyone! McSnazzy
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