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  1. Game Name: Forza Street Version: 31.1.4 Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.gravity&hl=pt_PT Mod: Everything that can be done
  2. Instead of replacing the value try "add not replace" option on GG
  3. I want to thank you @so_slow everything is perfect, really appreciate my friend
  4. If you can guide me i really appreciate it, just send me pm
  5. I'm interested... I actually have VIP 4, would like to update do 10 and level 100 also if possible
  6. I'm getting curious... But is good to have some skilled people here...
  7. Glad that @so_slowcould help you
  8. Would also be nice to jump to level 100
  9. With 3 digit of gold it's possible
  10. Or instead replacing the value, just hit "add value, not replace", sometimes it does the job
  11. Nothing, tried to only edit similar adresses but it's not working
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