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  1. here's another value
  2. Need help. Trying to change Coin from the Mall section. i have change the coin value to 50m from Mall(store), but nothing happened (didn't increased as i expected). Any Suggestions? thanks
  3. another pictures using GG 8.1.4
  4. u can hack health with GG. 1. search the exact value of health e.g 3450. use auto(slow) and check the value encrypted.( *pause the game:YES in GG setting) 2. back to game, let enemy hit and health decreased. open GG and search exact health. do this over n over until we got 18 value or less then save them. in save tab u will see 4 address. (see pictures) first address is the green bar.(try to change it higher or lower and see the green bar) second address will follow the first address. 3rd n 4th address the red bar, change one of them so they have same value. 3.freeze all the addresses. 4.good luck. PS. the value and address only work in one mission. it will changed if your mission failed ( so, dont get killed) and if you start another missions. (the adress will change) maybe our master can help to find exact health value already tested on nine tails even. sorry for my English
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