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  1. Which is easiest to jailbreak/root? the iPhone I find easier but I can't really do my Android yet as its all different and I'm new to android interface and hardware.
  2. Elaea


    Hey I have the 3GS still and I am calling for anyones generous opinions about whether I should upgrade and to which model. Such as is the iPhone 5 better than the 4? Also would it be ideal to get a 5S over a 5 or 4S? Thanks guys!
  3. Regular: Tapped Out Weekly: Quest for Stuff CastleVille Legends Farmville 2 Sims Freeplay Happy Street Monthly: My Home Story High School Story Star Girl Cut the Rope 94 Degrees Dragon Vale Fruit Ninja Littlest Pet Shop :
  4. Hey anyone here a Markiplier fan? I have to say I really wish he would post some more B to Blow skills Haunted Halls? I love his horror gameplays
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    Good Day

    Fine day it is. If you have any questions, please do hesitate to ask and I will be most pleased to consider answering! Continue your fine days!
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