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  1. you can use game guardian to search address skill and edit value or u can search in .net then edit with game guardian i cant teach you using game guardian from beginning broo
  2. it simple just search skill value and replace with new skill value. and for miko is depends on rank you play.. in myth 10 i can get miko in day 400 list skill to long reply if i paste and hasn't been tested on the latest version
  3. anyone did u have new version dm?, can u share with me?
  4. i agree with you, but with this mod i can get IAP item like costume for free like this one and sorry bro, i never share mod anymore. avoid patch from developer. see ya
  5. u dont have to know monster xp for level up monster bro, i have completed skill code if u interest,i can upload for u in pastebin or googlesheet more easy edit every where.with group search (just search ur dark lork or monster value skill then edit whatever u like) more easy and fast farm transcendent lvl because high damage (400M~600M) this skill iam using, u can edit skill in batlle result,in battle to check damage, etc wherever u like please share u damage and skill if greater than me.i will try for sure btw i dont need edit monster skill because heroes cant step into my dungeon, always death in x mark ur welcome,iam not modder bro,but i have site where i can trust for download without click bait,spam,etc ur welcome, gold hack u can try in previous version of DM.., using group search in monster shop . so hard find value in 1.8.X version see ya nb: i hope someone can find mod or how to hack transcendent exp or level. i cant edit pts, day survive or value trial card i have in game before withdraw
  6. btw with new version 1.8.3 u dont have to confuse anymore unlimited red stone unlimited mana mod experience unlimited gold unlimited soul Save working well before u ask where u get apk, use this link . same apk with me version 1.8.3 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RhmfsSBTkRcqwM4BZ1wks-C2rMKJUDVT/view?usp=sharing
  7. updated your version bro, so u can get dark lord and monster lvl 999 with facility lvl average 500 [added 1 minute later] like this one dark lord level 99999 ,all monster 99999 and facility lvl 500 .
  8. no problem btw with new version 1.0.9 from apkpure
  9. yes , then go to next step 5
  10. How to freeze value in script? (#3m2q25cl)
  11. please make sure you game guardian select game and search range not wrong
  12. just change not freeze, value change after match. example u change 100 to 80.000.000 . got million pt then withdraw. after start newgame u dont need change 100 because u will get card 100 with value 80.000.000. 1 change for every game until restart.
  13. did you search correct value? 444461 just example if i get exp 55, if i get exp 45 iam search 444471. you can check in http://xor.pw/#. btw u must search after first match. in trial card did u find multiple value 100;200;400 after grup search?.
  14. This cheat dungeon maker work in version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 and sorry for slow respond bro, iam very busy now. see yaa
  15. Hack Dungeon maker Dark Lord Level in game 1.play new game and select battle in day 0 2.stay in battle result ! now remember exp you get example i get 55 exp 3.Now search 55 xor 444442 , you can using calculator or go http://xor.pw/# with select all type decimal 4.search value "444461" result from 55 xor 444442 in game guardian with type dword 5.i only get 1 result,if you get more result play next battle and you get 1 value different 6.now i edit value from 444461 to 420.000.000 then i check freeze 7.move to new day select battle and see some magic work play battle to get lvl 99.999 with 500k health then unfreeze value or dungeon maker crash if you play next newgame this cheat dungeon maker working version 1.7.6 ~ 1.8.2 you done and.happy gaming. pw;dont forget send love if u like this
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