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    The game I'm trying to hack is javascript based so when I launch the Apk it loads AndroidSystemWebview and I tried searching for values in the app process and in the Webview process also but failed (Ce server, Game guardian etc.). But when tried using emulators the CE Windows able to search for the value. As it searches for the whole memory of the emulator. I guess the game is storing the score value in outside the process of game and webview. The problem is the game detects LD Player as emulator and don't run. It ran in Bluestacks (after changing id & IMEI via BS Tweaker) but when changing the values it jump backs instantly to its original. When used MEMU it worked properly. My Question is : Why it worked in MEMU and not in BlueStacks. When I get the score value's memory address, can I get the android process for that address (Memory map or something) so that I can directly search for the score in that process in my Rooted mobile.
  2. So, I was trying to hack a Android game, I downloaded few Emulators to try: The Game was detecting LD Player as Emulator. Then I downloaded BlueStacks & BS Tweaker, changed IMEI & Android Id of the emulator but even that was detecting as Emulator. I played a offline match - CE was able to find score values but as soon as I change the value in CE it reset to its original. Then I downloaded MEMU & changed IMEI, Attached CE to MemuHead... : The game was not detecting as Emulator & also I was able to change values (Without Physical or Mapped Memory Scan) So I just want to know why MEMU works as normal but not this emulators. And does anybody know what are the other Emulators that works out of the box in CE & compatible with most of the CE functions ! Sorry for my English & Thanks in advance !
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