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  1. Here are some picture 1. Here is vmos i download on internet. It has google services and root and don't care about it, the problem like other vmos versions. 2. Here is the browser use in vmos. it's not only this browser but also other browser I download on internet the problem is the same Only gg I can't download in vmos 3. Here the picture when I go to this site Https://gameguardian.net/download And...... 4. Yep yes it is 5. Here the picture when I import and use. Cb the important doesn't get anything My phone used Samsung galaxy j7 pro
  2. When gg update to v100 i can't download it in vmos. When i go to download it, Via (the bowser used in vmos) stop working But when i download it in main device from via. It working!!?. Not only that I downloaded gg from the main interface and pressed it to vmos it still loads and starts up fine . But it could not find any data in the cb field previous versions worked fine and downloaded gg on the browser via until v100, everything turned upside down . [added 4 minutes later] I hope you read and fix soon
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