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  1. Thanks for help, actually I search a lot but I got nothing. I will try again.
  2. Hi guys, I have a scripts that have no ban on Free Fire, but I want to use the scripts on menu mod directly without using GG and virtual space. Any ideas would be apperciated. Thanks
  3. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    Thank you so much guys , I really appecriate that. Am new to lua so trying to figure out how this codes work and working on others script. If someone of you guys know how to fix it This is the script nn.lua
  4. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    Nobody wanna help bro, people make fun of newbies. Like they born knowing everything
  5. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    Am new to lua bro, could you help me with that please
  6. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    Ok [added 0 minutes later] I sent you a message , could you check your inbox please
  7. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    This is the script bro FFz.lua
  8. zynos

    How to Find new offsets?

    Thank you. Can I send you script in private coz am newbie to lua
  9. Hello guys! Please sb help with FF script. The offsets are out of date with the game new update, the offsets have changed. and I don't know how to find them again. Thanks
  10. Am new to lua so could u explain!
  11. Please someone help me with this
  12. I will send you message in privite
  13. HAHA, it's not pastbin Go and read this one then https://luagameguardian.com/encrypt2/fdaxz956bm.php
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