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  1. Yea I know that you can't exceed the DWORD 2147483647 limit but the value also has a QWORD entry where I can insert a value larger than 2147483647. +In the game's leaderboard, I have seen people getting scores such as 9223372036854775807. But I guess that's a different issue not related to the game. Any thoughts?
  2. mohammed_

    What i do wrong??

    Have you tried freezing the value?
  3. What is the game you're trying to modify?
  4. Hello there everyone, I have been using GG for a while now. I noticed that in many games which I played, I was able to assign a 64-bit integer (QWORD). But when I set a value (for example 9223372036854775807), the value in the game changes to -1 instead of the value which I initially set. I have also noticed that there are other types of the value which I searched for such as DWORD WORD BYTE. So has anyone here encountered the same issue? Cheers
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