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  1. I tried as you said and successfully modified the attributes. Thank you for your help.
  2. There are five memory address values used to determine equipment attributes. Like this: 6936EB60 6936EB40 6936EB20 8970C5E8 6936EB00 They affect the combat attributes (not including durability, inlaid holes and selling price, etc.). And they seem to have no obvious relationship with equipment attributes. How to modify them and then modify the attributes of the equipment? PS: Each time you restart the game, the five memory values of the same equipment will change, but the equipment attributes will not change.
  3. I want to hack equipment in android device (get the equipment address in memory) with GameGuardian. But I cannot search for any equipment attributes (like defense of shield) in anima rpg version 2.0.1. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you can understand.
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