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  1. I appreciate your effort , many players are seeking a hack for this game as well
  2. Hello ! I need a hack for this game , whether for hacking gems and magic or for hacking the value of the items to be purchased in the game. There are some hackers who came up with a hint by doing a DWORD search (string representation allowed) when gaining a level and mentioning the three group values of the next rewards Example : when gaining level 2 , you will be rewarded with 50 magics and 3 gems , so after checking the rewards of the three next levels that you can find in the next link (https://disneymagickingdomswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Experience) they do a 50;3;75;1;100;1;150;2 search , select the addresses with the values of 3 and 50 and do the editing. That used to work before and is no longer working. https://disney-magic-kingdoms.fr.uptodown.com/android/telecharger Thanks in advance
  3. Hello guys , anyone could find a hack for this game ? I mean hacking the amount of gems you have . https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftDYHM&hl=fr Thanks !
  4. This is quite challenging . The game is a server-side one , the idea is to update the awards gained values , but I am wondering either the awards addresses are changed after scan or there is something I am missing out there. I haven't noticed any Disney Magic Kingdom player posting a solution except for speed hacking , I think the developers have done some tough working for this hack since it was really famous among the game players. Anyway , I appreciate your help bro , If you have any further ideas I am really glad to have a share, thank you !
  5. Value is Encrypted is meant only for one value but not for group search. It shows Ordered instead.
  6. Hi ! I am trying to hack Disney Magic Kingdom on Android, by using a Dword search when I go from level 1 to level 2 and gain 50 Magic and 3 Gems like follows (String representation checked) : 50;3;75;1;100;1;150;2:512 I get results showing the two values I want to change (50 and 3) . I do an edit for those but nothing changes ! This method used to work but is no longer doing its magic ? Any possible hack ?
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