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  1. Quote
    3 minutes ago, Enyby said:

    No such function. Learn Lua.


    Okay,Great I already found the code,thanks for reply,Stay Healty...

  2. Quote
    1 hour ago, Enyby said:


    Um,Can you show me how to Make a file detector

    gg.alert('PaksMod Installed')
    if gg.getfile == false then
        gg.alert("Paks Mod Not Installed")

    i do write like this but the my script only blinking,can you show me how to fix it?


  3. Hello,There I Just Want To Ask,Are Coloured Text Support On GG?

    if supported please Tell me how to do it

    should i do ~r~    ,     ^1    ,    \255\ 


    for Bold Can I Use

    ~h~     or    \h\


    if GG support Please Attach File,Cuz I Want Learn more About LUA..

    Thanks For Replying This Topic..

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