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  1. @Enyby shall I send the log file of gg. @MarioRossi93i I have tried the latest gg 96 also ,same issue, but mine is OnePlus OP6 with andriod 10, my patch is of November 2019, I have not updated to latest patch, so shall I need to update to latest patch and try and also are u using any virtual space app or ur device has been rooted.
  2. My octopus pro is working fine..but gg is not working... through it..can you suggest some virtual space app that would work with gg and also I can sign in with my Google account on it
  3. Hi, I have checked all versions from 84 to latest 96.1 of gg ..but none of the versions it seems to be working with andriod 10.It is showing "the app was built for an older version of andriod and may not work properly.Try checking updates or contact the developer". I am using virtual app octopus pro versn 5.7 something ..the virtual app seems to be working fine but gg is not supporting, while opening through virtual app..it is showing "Failed to load daemon, unable to obtain root access". After checking with versions from 84 to 96.1, I searched on Google and came across this forum and found same issue people are having and has been posted in this forum, since last year November month, but still I think the issue seems to be exists, as I have been the recent one to face this..so please anyone who came across this issue and has fixed it ...please help here and also author please any solution relevant to it , please let us know and if not, hope the solution for it will be there in very near future.please do help..lot of ppl are facing this issue now.
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