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  1. yup, i hacked it too year ago, but now everything has changed, they improve their security i think. so if you have time take a look and try it please
  2. no one? please.. it's very challenging guys
  3. hey guy's GG is an awesome tool, i use it almost in every game. but i have problem in this game , realm defense 2.6.5.. link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babeltimeus.legendstd i try to find any value but can't get it, someone already posted about this game but old method like that doesn't work anymore, i try encrypted value also not work as well.. after many try and error i have conclusion that the value of the game is not stored in dword or double.. but in byte tipe and sparated by some address also encrypted maybe... the point is I can't find bug to cheat this game... specially diamond and elixir... if someone here have a free time please take a look this game.. and teach me how to do it thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.
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