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  1. Can you also make scripts for COD Mobile.
  2. zerrg

    EA Sports: UFC

    Can we edit the gold and silver coins in the UFC game? Is there a way to make it unlimited. I wanna buy Bruce Lee character btw. I tried using GG editing life bar for surewin and it worked.
  3. Don't abuse it. Dont let them figure out that you are using radar. Play it safe dude.
  4. Okey bro. Thanks. You may upload your offline script if you have one. Im sure many will appreciate it.
  5. Is there specific settings for this. Or we can use the last settings.
  6. zerrg


    Try using VirtualXposed. And don't update in playstore. Try downloading apk file in other sites. [added 1 minute later] I wonder if this script is working. No positive feedbacks yet.
  7. I've seen it. I have trust issues when it comes to online scripts. I mean they can easily invade your phone and private files. If you have another suggestion it will really help me alot. I used Abed_nego 's script last time.
  8. It needs update bro. We rely on you. We need you here. Hahaha.
  9. I wonder if you have mobile legends maphack for popol and kupa patch. May I have some lua scripts of yours. Thank you all.
  10. This script was detected already. Is there a way you can make another one?
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