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  1. thank u so much for all the reply but it is a file which help us to block some domain through terminal. and also this is not a txt format of elf file.it is the actual format.there was no format inclueded after the tool name.also i searched internet and heard about ida recently but i got the same text on ida pro as in file right now.again thank u so much for your suggestion.i really appreciate it.
  2. bro what i have found from github and other sites this ***** file is encrypted with OPENSSL which is much harder than my expectation. but i am gonna try it any way .i am installing kali linux tonight for that as i got the method to dec this file from github.i dont think that this brute force method will work for this. but i can give it a try at least.ooh another thing i try to dec this with normal base64 dectryptor which gave me the salted error (lol). is there anything u wanna say on this matter. btw i am really impressed with the attention that u r giving me.thanks a lot buddy.
  3. thanks for the reply but how do i decrypt this sh file. any kind of hint will be appreciated like any specific software to decrypt this. anonymous.sh
  4. hello i am really new to this encryption and decryption method. i recently got a file from a telegram channel .so what i did basically is just use file manually in the apk but that wont work but whenever i tried files with the help of this encrypted tool file it worked fine. now i am just wondering what kind of lines and commands are there in the encrypted file.i also think it will upgrade my skill too as it is executable via terminal.for further info this tool files located in this path :/system/bin. Is there anyone can help me to decrypt this file or can u just tell me the method/software(pc/mobile) to decrypt this file.i really need it and any kinda help would be appreciated. OP-Tool
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