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  1. I'm trying to take notes to learn this language better... Can you give me a definition of these punctuation? I didn't find anything about it on the lua.org site or gameguardian.net/help/
  2. Bro can you help me on discord? I give you my script... I think that there is nothing wrong but it don't work...
  3. if you try to put function main() at the start of the script and an end at the end of script it say error... script ended: Restart copy o How to fix?! If I delete function main() line would be a probblema because I should go and change the previous 290 lines. Please help!
  4. Hello game guardian community. I was trying to write my script until it gave me a mistake. The mistake is that when I try to open the script with game guardian it tells me : script ended The script consists of about 300 lines. I found the line that gives the error : function main() How can I solve this probbleme without deleting the line : function main()? K.lua
  5. Thanks for the tips but, looking through videos and lua sites, I was unable to find what I need. I want to write notes, so (example) the comma is used as ...
  6. Hello game guardians community. I wanted to know more about programming in .lua Can anyone tell me what it is used for, when and how to use: Comma (,) The point ( . ) The semicolon (;) The colon (:) Parentheses ( { [ ( ) ] ] ) The equals (=) And if you know any other signs, explain those to me, too. Thank you for all
  7. yes, that's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
  8. I know how the dd.sleep command works, I need to figure out how to make the user search for a value and then refine it several times.
  9. Hello game guardian community. I tried to solve the problem myself, but I couldn't... I want my script to ask the user to enter a number to search for, make a change to the game (for example change the value of the coins, then dd.sleep) and that when he made the change, the script (of course after the gg.sleep) ask him to refine the value several times. Here I leave you an idea of what I would like to do. Prova prompt.lua
  10. [added 3 minutes later] Now I explain the game. It is a game that has two modes: single-player or multiplayer. If you go to the survival portal of the same name. This portal is a survival in which you have to last longer. I'd like to hack the days from 2 days past to 999 days. How do I do that?
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