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  1. robincete

    Days Bygone

    Sorry to refloat. ¿¿Dword values and encrypted too??
  2. robincete

    Days Bygone

    Funny. I finally could edit dungeon keys. Just began a new dungeon at level one and fuzzy searched everytime I got 2 or 3 keys. I found the general key variable and another one that resets to zero everytime you start dungeon. So i changed this last one and ¡voila!. Got millions keys when exit dungeon, I Suppose ticket can be edited the same way?
  3. robincete

    Days Bygone

    "much effort" is relative, right? I dont know why but I cant even modify shop values. I´ll go for the next game. Too many nights spent with this
  4. robincete

    Days Bygone

    Thanks for the response. Dont care about banning. I just wanted to see the "limits" of the game. Didnt thought hacking the prices of bones and hearts. I´ll try that.
  5. Lol, thats the name of the movie and my wife. Sorry, I started to request help without even introduce me. Spanish, xx years old and actual PLC programmer. Just doing hacks for fun and for my childs
  6. robincete

    Days Bygone

    Hi. Just curious about this game. Years ago I already hacked some games in android and windows using cheat engine and GG buts this one is enervating thinking is just an offline idle clicker game. I can find every values but in the moment I try to change them, they return to normal. I think the game uses a mix of "Actual gems= Gems acumulated - gems used" and some XOR keys but im unable to find it even in new fresh games. App is here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frivolition.daysbygone&hl=es Any help guys? Thanks in advance
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